Autumn 2019
Autumn 2019

Moonstruck is a wild concert series, taking place every full moon.
We present music, poetry, and art in the urban wilderness of the East Bay.
All of our concerts explore what it means to call this place home.

Anna B — visual and installation art
Anna Cone – vocals/guitar
Annie – videographer
Ariel Wang – violin/guitar/vocals
Aziz Yehia – percussion
Baylor Obadashian – banjo/keys & matchmaking
Carly Schaaf – web design & stage lighting
Daniel Goldberg – saxophone
Danny Dalton – saxophone/vocals
Derek Sup - keys/vocals
Gabrielle Lochard – vocals
Jaren Feeley – vocals/keys & team coordination
Kuhuk Goyal – rap
Hannah Levy – vocals/bass
Lewis Patzner - cello
Maya Elise – vocals/guitar
Noor Al-Samarrai – poetry
Selena Feliciano – vocals/percussion & promotion
Yeshe Salz – vocals/percussion
Zach Giberson – guitar/vocals

Bay Area Landscape Hand-Drawn